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Being your own product demands so much time and effort. The pressure on your mind and body can become enormous and often overwhelming. Whether you are in work, out of work or training to experience both, trying to balance WORK and LIFE can be very tricky. Sometimes the scales tip so far into one area that it is easy to lose sight of what’s important in the other.

That is where The Agony Actor can help!

First off The Agony Actor is not a therapist but a mentor. There are so many things in this business that are out of your control, but The Agony Actor is all about focussing on all the factors you can control. By discussing strategy, problem solving and working out how to harness your experiences and skill set to redress the balance and regain control of your WORK and LIFE and be the best version of YOU possible.


  • Enter into an open space to talk honestly about YOU.

  • Discuss goals and develop strategies on how best to achieve them.

  • Identify your true needs in order to achieve your best WORK/LIFE balance.

  • Reduce unnecessary stress by organising child or pet care with The Agony Actor so that you can get to that important audition or first day.

  • How best to tailor your skills and contact industry professionals.


  • A personal coach to build confidence and develop skills.

  • Audition prep: assistance with audition material (even if it’s simply line learning) to knock ‘em dead in that room.

  • Advice and techniques for dealing with nerves and adjusting your mindset.


  • A regular service as often or as little as YOU need.

  • Access to services provided by other industry professionals to enhance your portfolio/product.


As this is a personalised service, pricing will be calculated on an individual basis to suit your needs and budget. But let’s just say on average a 30 minute session will cost you roughly the same as a double gin and tonic in central London. So if you can sacrifice 1 G&T or 2 for a bit of ‘time for YOU’, please do not hesitate to get in touch.